What We Do

Types of content we produce

  • Informational: infographics, news, features, blogs, bios, recaps
  • Trivia: fun facts and trivia questions (10,000+ questions to date)
  • Fun: quizzes, polls, horoscopes, character diaries
  • Multimedia: video scripts (branding & how-to), galleries & captions, game copy
  • Functional: headlines, navitorial, help/FAQ, metadata, surveys, technical writing/editing
  • Promotional: newsletters, press releases, tweets, advertisements, advertorial


How we do it

Clients often need us to write new copy and/or edit existing copy to improve or update it. Here’s our process for larger jobs, broken down into distinct services. We can do one, some, or all of these for you.

1. Define the target & objectives

You want to reach and build an audience, then engage and motivate it to buy, watch, subscribe, share, etc. We’ll help you figure out how, and then map that course.

2. Create a strategy

Are you planning a new or revised site, app, promotion, or social campaign? How will you attract and retain audience? We’ll help you design a strategy that suits your goals and resources.

3. Inventory existing content

If you know what you have before you add more content, the final product will be better integrated and more consistent — and you’ll save time and money.

4. Plan the content calendar

When you plan ahead, you’ll ensure your  content relates to events people talk about: Valentine’s Day, March Madness, Halloween, etc. We’ll plot out content that relates your product to the larger conversation.

5. Develop the voice & style

You know your target. But do you know how to connect with them? We’ll develop a voice so the site resonates with your audience. Then we’ll capture it in a style guide that lets anyone add to the site in a way that feels and sounds right.

6. Staff the project

We’ll assemble a team based on your needs and resources. One point of contact for management, HR, and payroll — and no IT or real estate overhead. If you eventually want to hire staffers, we’ll help you find and integrate them.

7. Create a workflow 

Where’s the headline? What’s the deadline? Who does what when? Our multiplatform workflow tools are transparent and ensure everything runs smoothly.

8. Get started!

We can begin development before some of the other steps are done, depending on the content itself. Let’s talk about what you need.