What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a powerful way to get people to pay attention — to your brand, your product, and your messages. Whether via social media, blog posts, videos, or other channels, you can connect with your desired audience by providing valuable content — more deeply than you would with nonstop sales pitches.

When you turn off the “sell” mode (which can alienate potential customers) and provide content that connects — whether through humor, emotion, or other values — you build loyalty and trust, which have a powerful effect on your bottom line.


Does The Content Department specialize in one kind of content?

Yes … the interesting, high-quality kind. We started out writing web sites, mostly for kids and parents — and we still do that — but we’ve done so much more:

  • Created well over 10,000 trivia questions for five clients
  • Consulted on website architecture and blogged for law firms
  • Created and managed websites for medical practices
  • Covered the worlds of fashion and beauty for a daily newsfeed
  • Written scripts for how-to and branding videos
  • Delivered hundreds of overnight TV show recaps
  • Written thousands of daily content snacks for a client’s Facebook page
  • Provided copy for apps and newsletters
  • Written friendly user guides for electronics hardware.

In short, we don’t specialize — we love new challenges and learning new fields.


Why not just hire a freelance writer?

Results. Companies hire writers all the time. And for their trouble — recruiting, vetting, and investing time and money — they sometimes get what they want. We know the challenges of finding great writers (we do it all the time), and saving you that trouble is part of the value we bring.

Quality. Even an experienced writer can be quick and efficient, but few deliver publication-ready copy. After the copy is written, it must be edited, and that calls for different skills and talents. By providing an end-to-end solution, from ideation to creation to editing to error-checking, we make it easy for you to maintain high standards.

Consistency. We can consistently match the tone and content of your brand. If you don’t have a brand voice yet, we’ll help you create it. We do it for Fortune 500 companies, and we love bringing that level of polish and style to smaller  entities.

Range. Our team benefits from a variety of experiences and styles. Most of us are generalists with entertainment backgrounds, but we have our specialties: kids and moms, geek culture, beauty and fashion, home décor, sports, food and drink, telecom, medical, legal, and others. We’ll match your project to someone just right for it.


Can The Content Department work on-site at my facility?

Being on site isn’t always necessary, but it can be helpful, so that’s an option.


I have to launch in a month! Can you help?

Sure! We’ve done lots of rush jobs. Give us a call at 323-422-7231.